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testBY Phone Dudes Admin

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Origins of the iPhoneBY Phone Dudes Admin

iPhone family.
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, the very first iPhone was hatched. And Steve Jobs saw that it was good, and thus the iPhone was spawned and carried across the globe,… Read More

What to do if your iPhone won’t Switch On?BY Phone Dudes Admin

iPhone Hiding
If ever there was an event to strike fear into a technophile’s heart, it’s this. You skip out of bed chirpy and ready for the day, turn to your trusty iPhone, press the power button,… Read More

How to Save a Drenched iPhoneBY Phone Dudes Admin

iPhone 6.
Unfortunately accidents do happen. Regardless of whether it’s plummeted into a drink, taken a splash in a bath, or worse still, suffered the indignity of dropping head first into the toilet, make no mistake, your… Read More

How to Improve iPhone Battery LifeBY Phone Dudes Admin

iPhone 6 charging.
Is your iPhone spending more time on charge than it is in your pocket? You might consider your iPhone to be one of the wonders of modern technology, but when it’s out of juice, it’s… Read More

iPhone 7 / 6s – What We Know So FarBY Phone Dudes Admin

iPhone Being Used
Are you itching to get your hands on the iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s? Whatever Apple call their new incarnation, reports and leaks tell us that the brand new device is going to be pretty… Read More

Memes Seen Through Old Screens – A Nostalgic Phone Screen MashupBY Phone Dudes Admin

Remember the good old days, when phones were actually used primarily to make telephone calls, polyphonic ringtones were upcoming tech and the only distraction available was Snake? We were learning how to speed-type on the alpha-numeric keypads… Read More

iPhone Death Situation 8: Charging (Poorly)BY Phone Dudes Admin

iPhone Screen Showing Low Battery
There are all kinds of ways to successfully destroy an iPhone – take a look at some of our previous posts for plenty of examples. Surprisingly, charging, which seems fairly innocuous, is actually one of… Read More

Tips for Keeping Your Phone Safe and SecureBY Phone Dudes Admin

Touch Screen
A cracked iPhone Screen is the bane of all Apple enthusiasts. And unfortunately, the aesthetic majesty of the world’s most popular smart-phone can be easily besmirched following a sudden rendezvous with a concrete floor –… Read More

Water Damaged Screen? What to Do NextBY Phone Dudes Admin

Cracked iPhone Screen
iPhone screens don’t tend to react very well with water of any kind. Unfortunately, interaction with fluid occurs rather often with smart-phones, no matter how careful you are. It’s an unfortunate fact of life, given… Read More

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